Concussion Alliance Developing College Pilot Program to Educate Students & Faculty

Conor Gormally and Rebekah Kissel of Concussion Alliance are in the process of creating an educational program to run at Carleton College in 2019. With help from educational design and public health experts, we hope to assist the school in informing Resident Advisors, Club Sports Captains, and Professors about how they can support students who sustain concussions during the school year. Additionally, the program will include further information and resources for students recovering from concussions. Concussion Alliance is also working with these leaders in their fields to develop quantitative and qualitative surveys to determine the effectiveness, impact, and reach of the program.

The program aims to help strengthen and broaden the support structures already available to students at Carleton by increasing awareness and understanding of concussions as an injury and the rehabilitative recovery process.

Concussions can be an isolating and confusing injury, particularly if symptoms persist beyond the one-week timeframe socialized as normal by media and sport. Beyond that, the 2017 5th Consensus on Concussion in Sport states that concussions are a rehabilitative injury, so the commonly accepted idea of “cocooning” in a dark room until symptoms abate is proving to be counterproductive.

For students, missing even one week in a 10-week term can seem like a massive setback. The physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms of a concussion affect every aspect of a student’s life, and we believe that it’s important to educate and inform both the students affected and those who can help them in any or all of those aspects.

Concussion Alliance also plans to work with the existing structures at Carleton in order to inform a broader audience and increase the program’s legitimacy, impact, and longevity. By working with both academic departments and offices in the Division of Student Life, we hope to create a complete program that can be implemented with the full support and promotion of the school.

About Our Program Advisors

Dr. Bob Crittenden

Dr. Bob Crittenden

Dr. Robert Crittenden has practiced as a family physician for over 28 years in central and southeast Seattle with urban underserved populations, worked for the state legislature, been a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow with Senator George Mitchell, was special assistant to Governor Gardner for health, and is a Professor Emeritus in the Departments of Family Medicine and Health Services at the University of Washington.

Most recently, he served as Washington Governor Jay Inslee’s Senior Health Policy Advisor, where he was instrumental in the implementation of the ACA in Washington state and the successful Medicaid Transformation Waiver. He has also played a key role in initiating the Kids Get Care program, actively participating in rural and urban underserved health systems improvements, and working with insurers, employers and providers in improving systems of care for chronic conditions.

Dr. Crittenden is currently serving as the first-ever Executive in Residence at Cambia Grove, a healthcare innovation hub located in Seattle.

Barbara Lockee, PhD

Barbara Lockee, PhD

Barbara B. Lockee, PhD, is Professor of Instructional Design and Technology in the School of Education at Virginia Tech. For 22 years, she has taught courses in instructional design, distance education, and training/professional development. She has served as Principal Instructor and Co-Principal Instructor on funded projects from the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

She also serves as a reviewer for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation agency, specializing in the evaluation of distance and online programs.

Dr. Lockee is Past President of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, an international professional organization for instructional technology researchers and practitioners. Currently, she is serving as a member of the Board of Directors for CMR Institute, a non-profit educational provider for the healthcare industry.