Overview of Self-care



Sleep is the "top of the cascade" for recovery - the most important factor, as sleep has neuroprotective and neurorecuperative effects on the brain.


The newest concussion guidelines recommend that after a concussion the patient should rest for for 24 to 48 hours and then start light activity. Recommended activities are use of a stationary bicycle, or walking for short distances if the concussion has not compromised balance.


Consider your food choices and whether foods are inflammatory or anti-inflammatory. For instance, sugar, red meat, and a lot of simple starches are fairly inflammatory while high water vegetables (greens, etc), chicken and fish, and healthy fats like coconut oil work well to reduce inflammation.

Sensory Sensitivity

Sound sensitivity is a common symptom of a concussion, as is visual or light sensitivity. medical advice has changed regarding this issue. Advice about how to cope with these sensory sensitivities.

Emotional Wellness

Do NOT avoid all screens and digital medial. Medical advice has changed regarding this issue. The newest recommendations do say to avoid screens during the first few days after a concussion if they are making symptoms worse. However, once symptoms have lessened, it's important to get back to normal activities.