Other Resources: Websites, Blogs, Podcasts, and Books


Websites and Blogs

Government websites and nonprofit organizations

Canadian Awareness Training Tool Their resource page has sports-specific return to sport strategies

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Traumatic Brain Injury & Concussion

Pink Concussions Female Brain Injury From Sports, Violence, Military Service

Concussion Legacy Foundation Concussion and post-concussion resources.

MomsTeam MomsTeam Post-Concussion Syndrome: When Symptoms Persist

Love Your Brain Develops programs for brain injury and prevention, including yoga programs and retreats

Headway, the brain injury association United Kingdom website addressing minor head injury and concussion

Headway Foundation Support for athletes with concussions and concussion prevention

International Concussion Society Concussion.org

The Center on Brain Injury Research and Training CBIRT.org

Alaska Brain Injury Network Focuses on prevention of traumatic brain injury and promotion of wellness for Alaskans with all brain injuries

Brain Injury Hope Foundation Resources, education, and Emergency Financial Funds to help pay for living expenses for concussion survivors in Colorado

Brain Injury Association of America http://www.biausa.org

United States Brain Injury Alliance http://usbia.org/

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Concussion Center

SCHOOLFirst return to learn handbook

Websites and blogs by doctors, trainers, and authors

Elizabeth Sanel, M.D.  Recommended author, speaker, and researcher about concussion and PCS

Author, coach Gail L Denton, Ph.D. Author of Brainlash and a Life Coach for mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Author, coach Gail L Denton, Ph.D. Author of Brainlash and a Life Coach for mild Traumatic Brain Injury

PCS blog from Ireland Post Concussion Syndrome Ireland

The Concussion Blog Concussion Education from an Athletic Trainer's perspective

The Knockout Project A former BMX racer founded The Knockout Project to promote concussion education

The Teen Brain

Websites about CBD related to concussions

Project CBD Medical Marijuana and Cannabinoid Science. Concussion and the NFL

High Times Articles on CBDs from marijuana and hemp related to health, legal issues and more

Podcasts and radio programs

Concussion Corner Podcast Hosted by Dr. Jessica Schwartz, interdisciplinary conversations related to concussion in healthcare, advocacy, and sport

Conor Gormally, student, radio journalist This is What a Concussion Sounds Like - A KUOW Radioactive Radio Feature

People’s Pharmacy Podcast with Clark Elliott on People's Pharmacy. Clark Elliott is author of The Ghost in My Brain.


The Brain’s Way of Healing, and The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge/

Life with my concussion: A journey of a comeback, by Rhianne Schorel, Riyanka Iyer, and Dave Scott

The Ghost In My Brain How A Concussion Stole My Life and How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Helped Me Get It Back. By Clark Elliott, Ph.D., a professor of artificial intelligence at DePaul University.

Back in the Game: Why Concussion Doesn't Have to End Your Athletic Career Excellent book by sports neurologist Jeffrey Kutcher, M.D. and award-winning sports journalist Joanne Gerstner. Review by Brooke De Dench (momsteam).