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Your comprehensive resource for healing from a concussion 


Empowering you to make wise decisions about your recovery from a concussion, by providing you with essential information about both medical and alternative treatment options.


A Silent Epidemic

3.8 MILLION - concussions occur annually in the US.

ONLY 1 IN 6 concussions are diagnosed.

UP TO 30% develop post-concussion syndrome, with symptoms lasting months or years. Even fairly serious symptoms that affect daily life are not easily apparent to others.

JUST 15% - of those who go to the ER, only 15% follow up with a concussion specialist.

ON THEIR OWN  - Many don't see a doctor at all, and others go from one provider to another without success. Countless people end up struggling on their own.


WE ARE THE ONLY online resource to provide evidence-based information on both medical and alternative treatments.

WE PROVIDE SUPPORT - We are developing a program for college residential advisors, and we currently provide support to individuals via email and our Facebook group.

FOUNDED BY CONCUSSION PATIENTS AND FAMILIES - Concussion Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, part of the CascadiaNow! nonprofit family.


CBD and Concussion Recovery

Research about the positive effects of CBD for common concussion symptoms

Finding safe and effective CBD products from hemp or marijuana; discount coupons for CBD oil



  • tips for sleep

  • exercise - what the research is saying

  • sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, and screen use

  • meditation, nutrition

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Concussion Prevention in Youth Sports

Learn about new initiatives and rules to help prevention of concussion in youth sports, as well as the latest research.


We offer a range of information about current research and treatment options for veterans, including:

Information about CBD from marijuana or hemp, federal websites for veterans with brain injury, treatment centers, hormone treatments, women veterans, and light therapy.