The newest concussion guidelines recommend that after a concussion the patient should rest for for 24 to 48 hours and then start light activity. Recommended activities are use of a stationary bicycle, or walking for short distances if the concussion has not compromised balance. The patient should gradually become more active, staying below the activity level that makes cognitive or physical symptoms worse.

Studies are showing that the brain "recovers faster with physical activity" after concussion and that "prolonged rest time may even delay healing and recovery."

Athletes should refrain from vigorous exertion until cleared by their doctors; these new recommendations are NOT about returning to the soccer field or football practice

Free yoga classes and yoga videos for people with TBI (including a concussion)

The nonprofit organization LoveYourBrain.com provides a free, FUNdamental 6-week series of yoga classes for people with TBI and concussions. Classes are available in most US states and Canada. 

  • Gentle yoga to improve strength and balance

  • Meditation practices to reduce stress

  • Class themes to foster resilience and compassion

  • Facilitated group conversation to build community

Free yoga and meditation videos for people with a concussion will allow you to do yoga at home, or help you decide if you want to take their classes.