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Healing from a concussion or post-concussion syndrome can be an isolating experience, both for the person with the injury and the people supporting them. There is a surprisingly robust source of support and information to be found on online support groups - we are most familiar with Reddit and Facebook groups. We've found that Facebook groups are more active than the Reddit forums, but we encourage you to find your community wherever you feel most comfortable.

In this article: Facebook groups and Reddit forums (scroll down).

Facebook Groups

Facebook support groups operate as "closed" groups, meaning that you apply to join the group, usually answering a couple of entry questions. An administrator approves your membership and monitors the group to prevent trolls and advertisers. We've found that there is both emotional support and a significant amount of information shared about a wide range of treatment options.

These groups address both concussions and post-concussion syndrome, but typically members are dealing with concussions symptoms that have lasted longer than one month, which is now defined as post-concussion syndrome.

Our new Facebook group

Concussion Alliance Support Group: 96 members

Facebook groups we follow

Post Concussion Support-real support for all Concussion Types, 1.7K members
UK Post Concussion Syndrome Support Group,  237 members
Post Concussion Syndrome Support Group, 7.7K group members
Post Concussion Syndrome Support Group For Families, 899 Families
Amy's TBI Tribe, 8.8K members

Female-focused Facebook groups - Pink Concussions 

PinkConcussions.com  support groups

PinkConcussions.com support groups

PinkConcussions.com is a superb nonprofit that focuses on education and medical care for "women and girls challenged by brain injury including concussion incurred from sport, violence, accidents or military service." They have five support groups that are female-focused.

Pink Concussions Women over 25: For women over age 25 with a brain injury (mTBI, TBI, or concussion) or post-concussion syndrome, 2239 members.

Pink Concussions Young Women's Group: For women under age 25 with a brain injury (mTBI, TBI, or concussion) or post-concussion syndrome, 238 members.

Pink Concussions Caregivers Group: For caregivers and/or parents who are caring for a woman or a girl with a brain injury, 263 members. 

Pink Concussions Military & Veteran Group: For women who are active military or veterans, 29 members.

Pink Concussions Professional Group: For professionals interested in Female Brain Injury including "medical professionals, athletic trainers, researchers, graduate students, first responders, etc," 215 members.

Reddit forums

Reddit bills itself as the “front page of the internet” and is the fifth most popular website in the United States. It is a collection of forums which are called subreddits. You can read the comments on the subreddits without being a member, or join in order to be able to post comments. We follow three subreddits concerning concussions:

Concussion subreddit

Post-concussion syndrome subreddit

TBI subreddit (scroll down the subreddit page to see the comments.)

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