Concussion Alliance Welcomes Three College Interns for December

Concussion Alliance is proud to highlight the work of our three college interns, who have been helping us for the month of December. These interns are contributing to Concussion Alliance through research analysis, science writing, fundraising and outreach efforts, and website design. They have also been instrumental in laying the groundwork for our College Pilot Program. We want to take this opportunity to thank our interns for helping us make it easier to heal from a concussion.

A little more about our interns:


Galen Moller is a senior English major at Carleton College, where she works as a physics tutor. She enjoys cycling, astronomy, and crossword puzzles. After she graduates, she plans to work in the nonprofit sector, where she can use her communication and research background to create positive change.

During her internship, she will be writing and editing pages about treatment options and helping with marketing and fundraising. She is confident that Concussion Alliance is helping to make the world a better place for people recovering from concussions, and she is proud to be a part of that improvement.

Headshot, Julian.Profile Picture, Water Polo 2017, Julian.jpg

Julian Szieff is an undergraduate at Carleton College majoring in Biology and Neuroscience and graduating in the class of 2019. He is hoping to go on to medical school and specialize in Neurology. On a more personal level, he loves the brain, music, playing water polo and ultimate frisbee, and learning about anything and everything. At Concussion Alliance, Julian plans to hone his skills as a research analyst and science writer.

While working with Concussion Alliance, Julian is going to be researching and writing pages and blog posts about concussion recovery to improve the quality and depth of the resources that concussion alliance provides. He is excited to be a part of one of the organizations on the front line of informing patients about all their options and resources for concussion rehabilitation.


Rebekah Kissel is a Biology major and Public Policy minor at Carleton College, where she is a Resident Advisor and is a captain of the Water Polo Team. She plans to go into public health to combine her love of science and people. During her internship at Concussion Alliance, she will put her public health experience to use in building our College Pilot Program. She will also do research analysis and science writing to help people understand more treatments.

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