Choosing Between Hemp and Marijuana CBD products

Marijuana CBD products have multiple advantages if you are in a state where it is legal:

  • Purity and accurate labeling: In this states where marijuana is legal (recreationally or medically) the products are tested for purity (free from molds, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, E.coli, etc) and are labeled accurately for potency and the ratio of CBD to THC. Labels will also show which chemicals are used for extraction (you can select the safe ones) and whether the plant was grown without pesticides.

  • Additional medical benefits from other elements of the plant: Secondary cannabinoids and medical terpenes extracted from the marijuana plant interact with CBD and THC to enhance medical benefits. Project CBD

  • THC has neuro-protectant benefits, according to research, and THC helps with some PCS symptoms such as pain from headaches, anxiety, and insomnia.

  • CBD and THC work best together. Scientific studies show that CBD and THC enhance each other's therapeutic effects, see the article in ProjectCBD.

  • Use different CBD/THC ratios throughout the day, for example, 20/1 ratio for daytime and 2/1 before bed, as THC helps with sleep.


Hemp CBD products are an excellent option if you don't live where marijuana is legal.

(Hemp CBD retailers are operating in a legal grey zone, see Legal Issues in CBD products from hemp.)

  • Hemp CBD products are available for purchase online in the United States, (shipping to all 50 states) and Europe. CannaWell (part of Bluebird Botanicals) ships to the European Union.

  • CBD from hemp is generally less expensive than CBD from marijuana, at least in the United States. In states where marijuana is legal, multiple state taxes on marijuana often total 40%.

  • There does not appear to be any legal actions taken against individuals purchasing hemp CBD products.

  • Provides an option for people under age 21. Legal recreational marijuana (in 9 states) is for people 21 years and older.

  • Provides an option when Medical Marijuana is cumbersome or expensive to access.

  • Be careful of the brand you purchase - there is no federal or state agency testing of hemp CBD products. "Only 31% of 84 labs tested hemp CBD products had the amount of CBD indicated on the label. And who knows what else was in some of those products." Project CBD

  • The Reddit CBD community has vetted the most popular CBD hemp retailers to find the best CBD offered.

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