CBD products from Hemp for concussion symptoms

Numerous research studies have shown cannabidiol (CBD) to be an effective treatment for pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety, all common symptoms of a concussion or post-concussion syndrome. Research has also shown cannabidiol to be a neuroprotectant for the brain, and clinical trials are underway to develop a CBD pill for concussions.


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You can purchase tinctures, capsules, or other products which contain Cannabidiol (CBD) from companies that extract the CBD from hemp. Hemp is a cannabis plant (cannabis sativa) but unlike the marijuana version of cannabis sativa, hemp is cultivated to contain no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is commonly referred to as "industrial hemp" because the crop was originally developed to produce fibrous material for clothing, rope, etc. Farms cultivating hemp for CBD now have developed strains with higher concentrations of CBD.

The CBD products we recommend are produced from hemp plants grown in the United States, primarily in Colorado, Kentucky, and Vermont. CBD products can be ordered online and shipped to over 40 countries, depending on which company you order from. Many CBD hemp companies also make their products available in some retail stores.

Finding safe and reliable CBD oil products

There is no federal or state agency that is testing for what is in CBD products from hemp - the industry is unregulated. Without some knowledge, it is unfortunately easy to purchase a product that either doesn't have the amount of CBD that the label says it has or is outright unsafe. "Only 31% of 84 labs tested hemp CBD products had the amount of CBD indicated on the label." In Utah, fake CBD oil poisoned over 50 people in Utah between October 2018 and January 2018.

Read this excellent article from Vogue about how to choose safe CBD products, How Safe Is Your CBD? The FDA Is Asking-And You Should, Too.

The Reddit CBD community has vetted numerous CBD hemp companies to find the best CBD offered. 

We are offering promo codes for CBD companies vetted by Reddit and tested for cannabinoid content and purity. Concussion Alliance receives a small commission from each sale which goes towards expenses of maintaining this website.


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  • The Reddit process of vetting includes reviewing each company's test results for contaminants as well as cannabinoid potency tests. They make sure the companies have all the operating permits required by the state. They review where companies have sourced the CBD, and if companies have taken steps to prevent degradation of the medicine. 

  • The vetted companies "who provide reliable testing results and great products" are: NuLeaf Naturals, Bluebird Botanicals, CannaWell (Bluebird distributed in the EU), CBDistillery, Receptra Naturals, Lazarus Naturals, Myaderm, Symbiotic Nutritionals, and Panacea Life.

  • The Reddit community also recommends CBD Oil Solutions, and online CBD marketplace of the most responsible brands of hemp CBD.

Reasons to purchase CBD products from hemp, rather than high CBD/low THC products from marijuana

You do not live in a state, or a country, where marijuana (and marijuana CBD products) are legal. Hemp CBD companies ship to all 50 states and some ship to 40 countries. Typically companies ship in a discrete package with no identifying labels.


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  • You are under 21, or you are a parent purchasing for a child.

  • You work for a company or government that does drug testing.

    • Even though CBD from hemp is, by definition, only .03% THC, it's not a sure thing that you would pass a drug test. Consider purchasing CBD isolate, and be careful that the label shows 99.9% CBD. Please keep in mind that its possible to still fail a drug testing using CBD isolate. Isolate products do not have all the other naturally occurring cannabinoid elements, which may also have positive effects.

  • You are on a budget. CBD products from hemp are generally less expensive than CBD products from marijuana, due to the high taxes placed on marijuana products.

If it is for sale on Amazon, it does not contain CBD

Amazon prohibits the listing of CBD products. From the Amazon seller guidelines:

amazon logo.png

Examples of listings which are prohibited on Amazon:

  • The following cannabidiol (CBD) and Hemp products:

    • Rich Hemp Oil containing concentrated cannabidiol (CBD)

    • All non-ingestible products that contain cannabidiol/cannabinoid (CBD)

There are Amazon sellers that are deliberately vague or misleading about whether their product contains CBD. Either their products don't contain CBD, or it's likely a third party listing product in violation of Amazon guidelines. 

You are always better off buying CBD products directly from the product company.

CBD companies to avoid:

From the Reddit community: The following companies have not submitted products to Reddit to verify. However, user reports and investigative articles highlight potential safety problems related to these products.

Also avoid synthetic CBD products such as K2 and Spice.

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