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Clinical trial for a CBD pill for concussions

The first US-based clinical trial on CBD treatment for concussion is being conducted by the University of Miami. The five-year, three-stage study is funded by a $16 million grant from Canadian company Scythian Biosciences. The clinical trial will conduct research on a pill that combines CBD and dexanabiol, which researchers believe will reduce brain inflammation. See also the Miami Herald article.

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Choosing between marijuana and hemp CBD products

CBD products from marijuana will have accurate labeling for purity and cannabinoid content, where the sale of marijuana is legalized. CBD products from hemp are unregulated, so we recommend purchasing from CBD hemp companies vetted by the online community Reddit. An advantage of marijuana products is that THC also has some neuroprotective qualities, and works synergistically with CBD to enhance medical benefits.

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WHO report: CBD has a "good safety profile" and "may be a useful treatment."

World Health Organization (WHO) report: CBD has a "good safety profile" and "may be a useful treatment" for numerous medical conditions. In June 2018, WHO will do a further review of extracts or preparations containing almost exclusively CBD.

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