Virginia Concussion Specialists

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Concussion Clinics

Inova Health System Concussion Management
In Leesburg and Alexandria, Virginia

Center for NeuroRehabilitation Services
Dr. Gregory J. O’Shanick, MD, President and Medical Director
Suite 205
Richmond, VA 23225
(804) 272-0114

Dr. O’Shanick is internationally known in the field of neuropsychiatry and neurorehabilitation, and was the first National Medical Director of the Brain Injury Association of America. He was highly recommended to us by a concussion patient.

”Since 1991, the Center for Neurorehabilitation Services (CNS) has been providing comprehensive, patient-centered, medical services for individuals who have sustained brain injury as a result of trauma, stroke, infection or other causes.”

Craniosacral Therapy (PTs and liscensed massage therapists)

See our page on Craniosacral therapy, which can be quite effective for concussion symptoms. Additional research about Craniosacral therapy and visceral mobilization here.

Pro Motion Physical Therapy
6849 Old Dominion Drive, Suite 330
McLean, VA 22101
(703) 848-9333

Pro Motion is not a concussion clinic, but they provide several therapeutic modalities which can help concussion patients. From Elizabeth Edwards, senior staff therapist: “Many of our therapists are trained in craniosacral work and visceral mobilization, both of which have been shown in studies to help treat the symptoms of concussions and post concussive syndrome..We also do a lot of cervical and thoracic spine work (addressing) these areas with soft tissue work, muscle energy techniques (to help with alignment), and helping to inhibit hypertonic muscles.” Pro Motion PT doesn’t do much vestibular work.

Awaken from Within
Rev. Karen Madison, BS, RCST, BCST, CMT
(804) 247-3561
Richmond, Virginia

Karen Madison is trained in craniosacral therapy.

Dentists specializing in JAW ISSUES: TMJ / TMD

Dr Chong Lee, Galleria Dental Aesthetics
specializing in physiologic disorders of the jaw
1600 Tysons Blvd, #120 McLean, VA 22102