Mexico Concussion Specialists

We are gradually creating referral lists for practitioners in each state.

In addition, we recommend using the search tools on our Find Providers page. These search tools are provided by the accrediting organization for each healthcare speciality, and will provide you with more options.

Concussion Clinics

To date, we haven’t been able to locate any concussion clinics in Mexico. If you know of a concussion clinic in Mexico, please contact us.


Dr. Miguel Angel Collado Ortiz
Our colleagues tell us that Dr. Miguel Angel Collado Ortiz is likely the premier neurologist in Mexico working with headaches. We don’t know if he has experience working with concussion patients.

Centro Medico ABC, Mexico City
Av. Carlos Graef Fernandez 154 Santa Fe Cuajimalpa, 05300 Cd. De Mexico
Ph: (area code 55) 1664-7224 / 1664-7225

Specialized Optometrists who work with concussion patients

See our page about Vision Therapy for concussions.

The optometrists listed below are from

  • the “Locate a Doctor” database of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

  • the “Find a provider” database of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association.

Eira Araceli Vilchis Estrada, FCOVD-I
Centro de Especialidades Visuales

Office 1:
Linares #88
Mexico D.F., Non US 6760
Ph: (555) 574-2884

Office 2:

Linares #88 Roma Sur
Mexico D.F., Non US 6760
Ph: (555) 564-4642

Jesus Espinosa-Galaviz, OD, FCOVD-I, FCSO

Office 1:
Berriozabal Ote 242 Colonia Morelos
Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, 87050
Ph: (52834) 315-3886
Ph: (52834) 315-3886

Office 2:
Lauro Aguirre Sur 123, Zona Centro
Ciudad Victoria, (Non U.S.) 87000
Ph: (52834) 315-3886

Raquel Munitz (An Allied professional member of the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association)

Avenida Teopnazolco #408/402
Cuernavaca Morelos 62290

Vestibular Therapists

See our page about Vestibular Therapy for concussions.

The vestibular therapist listed below is from the “Find a vestibular specialist” database of the VeDA (vestibular disorders) organization.

Ricardo Ceballos-Lizarraga MD

Email Address:

Clinic Locations:

Consultorio 159
Mexico City 05300

Ph: (551) 664-7255 or (551) 664-7254