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The Trustworthy Concussion Resource

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping you recover from a concussion or post-concussion syndrome.

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Medical and Alternative Treatments

Read evidence-based information on medical and alternative treatments for concussions, reviewed by experts.

Find Healthcare Providers

Use search tools to find qualified practitioners for concussion treatments in a wide variety of fields.

College Pilot Program

Learn about our College Pilot Program which is developing programs to support college students with concussions.



“I’ve taken care of a lot of patients who have had a traumatic brain injury, mostly from car-related accidents. Nobody understands what’s going on with these patients and I think what Concussion Alliance is doing is really important.”

Dr. Bob Crittenden, former Senior Health Policy Advisor to Governor Jay Inslee, WA State

Communities and Support


Concussion Alliance is a nonprofit founded by concussion patients and families.
Our mission is to create a culture where anyone who has a concussion can find the support and treatments they need to recover.

Blog and Latest Stories


Treatments and Self-care

The most recent international consensus on concussion management recommends a rehabilitative approach for concussion patients, see our Treatments and Practitioners pages.

About Concussions

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3.8 Million

concussions diagnosed annually in the U.S. from sports alone


Up to 30%

develop long-term symptoms

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Only 1 in 6

concussions are diagnosed

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