Concussion Alliance and TeachAids now in partnership to support concussion education efforts

Attendees of the Northwest Brain Injury Symposium watch the video CrashCourse by TeachAids

Attendees of the Northwest Brain Injury Symposium watch the video CrashCourse by TeachAids

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Concussion Alliance is now partnering with TeachAids to further our mutual concussion education efforts. TeachAids, spun out of Stanford University, is an award-winning 501(c)(3) social venture that creates breakthrough technology to solve persistent problems in health education around the world. Their innovative CrashCourse curriculum was created to educate athletes and youth about concussions; the cutting edge film makes use of virtual reality and gaming technology.

The Northwest Brain Injury Symposium (NWBIS) reached out to Concussion Alliance for educational materials for their conference in Spokane earlier this month. We were pleased to provide NWBIS with TeachAid’s CrashCourse film, which was presented before the panel discussion.

TeachAids Blog post:

CrashCourse Materials Presented at Sports and Traumatic Brain Injury Conference

Earlier this month, our CrashCourse concussion education videos were shown as a component of the Sports and Traumatic Brain Injury conference in Washington. Hosted by the Northwest Brain Injury Symposium, the panel lecture took place at the Spokane Public Library on July 9, 2019. It is TeachAids’ hope that the 72 symposium attendees gained a new sense of awareness of concussions and the significance of this injury for athletes.


More specifically, the purpose of this event was to give a well-rounded approach to the phenomenon of concussions; the information presented covered prevention, diagnosis, and management of such injuries. Furthermore, the panel presented the tools for re-introducing sports after concussions, broke down the different aspects of a concussion, and highlighted the changes that a family may have to undergo as a result. The CrashCourse educational videos kicked off the panel discussion.


This presentation was delivered with the partnership of Concussion Alliance, which contributed educational materials for the conference. Concussion Alliance provides evidence-based information about the broadest range of concussion treatments, as well as search tools to find qualified healthcare providers. They work with researchers in several promising treatment fields to bring the latest information to their readers. Concussion Alliance publishes The Weekly Concussion Update, with synopses of current concussion research and news.

This conference served as a step closer to a safer and more informed athletic community. The benefactors of the Northwest Brain Injury Symposium include the Spokane Public Library, Brain Energy Support Team, Eastern Washington University and the Governor’s TBI Council of Washington. The next symposium lecture will take place this fall. TeachAids would like to thank Concussion Alliance again and is excited to see incredible organizations using our materials to educate their communities.