Overview of Concussion Prevention in Sports

Youth Football

There is a growing movement to promote flag football for youth under the age of 14, to protect against long-term effects on the brain. LEARN MORE


US Soccer Federation and US Soccer club header rules; research on concussions in soccer from headers and collisions. LEARN MORE

Other Resources

Heads Up program

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has an excellent Heads Up youth sports concussion safety and education program. LEARN MORE

Encouraging concussion reporting by athletes is crucial.

Using a "buddy system" and a team effort to encourage athletes to report their concussions. Read article By Brooke De Lench

"Not wanting to come out of a game or let the coach or teammates down are among the top reasons athletes give for not immediately reporting concussion symptoms. Athletes who delay reporting concussion symptoms average five days longer to recover and are twice as likely to take more than 8 days to recover." Find information about concussion and athletics at the MomsTeam Concussion Safety Center.