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At Concussion Alliance, our mission is to create a culture where anyone who has a concussion can find the support and treatments they need to recover. We are concussion patients, families, and friends working to foster community and support others struggling with this invisible injury.


Our information on medical and alternative treatments for concussions is evidence-based and we work with healthcare professionals who contribute their expertise.

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We are also creating a college pilot program to ensure that educational institutions will have the proper knowledge and procedures to support students with concussions.

About Concussions

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3.8 Million

concussions diagnosed annually in the U.S. from sports alone


Up to 30%

develop post-concussion syndrome

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Only 1 in 6

concussions are diagnosed


The most recent international consensus on concussion management recommends a rehabilitative approach for concussion patients. Ideally this care is provided by a multidisciplinary team, evaluating each patient for a range of issues and providing individualized rehab therapies.

Medical Care

“I’ve taken care of a lot of patients who have had a traumatic brain injury, mostly from car-related accidents. Nobody understands what’s going on with these patients and I think what Concussion Alliance is doing is really important.”

Dr. Bob Crittenden, former Senior Health Policy Advisor to Governor Jay Inslee, WA State

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