CBD for post-concussion syndrome


Based on anecdotal evidence provided by those contacting Concussion Alliance, CBD products have been beneficial for some people recovering from post-concussion syndrome. This includes the use of CBD products from hemp, commonly referred to as CBD oil, and high CBD / low THC products from marijuana. In addition, multiple research studies point to the beneficial effects of CBDs on the type of symptoms common with post-concussion syndrome. Plus research is showing CBD to enhance neuroprotection and enhance healing in the brain.


Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) is typically defined as a cluster of concussion symptoms that last longer than one month. See our page Symptoms of post-concussion syndrome. Each individual will have a unique set of symptoms. While there haven't yet been clinical trials on the use of CBD products to help with symptoms of PCS, there has been research about the positive effects of CBD on the type of medical problems - or symptoms - typical for PCS. For an in-depth look at the research, see our page CBD Research and Clinical Trials.



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