Finding a functional neurologist

Concussion Alliance has been keeping a list of functional neurology clinics and doctors recommended by patients and healthcare practitioners that we know. Also, Dr. Ash, Concussion Alliance Advisory Board Member, is familiar with peers in his field, and he has contributed to this list. The clinics range from the one-person clinic, Dr. Clary, to the largest destination clinics. Please read our article about functional neurology.

Concussion Alliance is not making recommendations to our readers for specific clinics or doctors, as we are not directly in touch with the doctors or knowledgeable about their practices, and we cannot vouch for them. You can also use this search tool provided by the American Chiropractic Neurology Board.

Functional Neurologists - United States

ImagineX (Southern California)

Dr. Shad Groves (Southern California)

Dr. Rachman Chung (Northern California)

Revive Treatment Centers (Colorado)

Neurological Wellness Institute (Illinois)

Brain Plasticity Centers (Florida)

South Florida Integrative (Florida)

Dr. Marc Ellis (Georgia)

Dr. Dana Brindisi (North Carolina)

Dr. David Clark (North Carolina)

Dr. Schmoe at Minnesota Functional Neurology (Minnesota)

Dr. Clary at A Functional Life (Minnesota)

Northwest Family Chiropractic (Washington State)

Brain NW (Washington State)

Functional Neurologists - Canada

Dr. Jalili at Equinox Integrative Wellness Center (British Columbia)

Dr. Joseph Lawrence (Ontario)

Dr. Peter Scheuring (Ontario)

Dr. Patrick Freud (Quebec)