Free online Brain Health Summit


Each weekday in March you can hear from a different specialist in the Brain Health community for free.

Topics covered include different types of treatments and rehab for concussions (including post-concussion syndrome) and other brain injuries, CBD oil, self-care topics such as brain/gut health, and personal journeys of recovery from concussion and other brain injuries.

See the schedule at the end of this article.

This summit is a series of video presentations produced by Functional Neurologist Dr. Jeremy Schmoe of the Minnesota Functional Neurology Clinic and Amy Zellmer, founder of Faces of TBI

Register for the summit here: 

After registering for the summit, you will receive an email each day with a link to the latest video presentation.

The video is free to view for 24 hours after it is posted online.

Viewers also have the option to purchase all of the recordings for $29, which provides immediate access to the recordings. Follow this link:

Proceeds from the sale of the recordings will benefit the Love Your Brain Foundation.

Here is the schedule:


 Friday, March 1st

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe & Amy Zellmer “An Introduction to the Summit”


Monday, March 4th

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe “The Functional Neurological Exam”

Tuesday, March 5th

Dr. Tom O’Bryan “Halting Our Brains Slow Deterioration”

Wednesday, March 6th

Kim Baker “LoveYourBrain Yoga: Building Community” 

Thursday, March 7th

Dr. Brian Sass “Understanding Dysautonomia”

Friday, March 8th

Alex Schroeder “A Survivor’s Perspective


Monday, March 11th

Dr. Titus Chiu “5 Steps That Helped Me Recover From My Concussion”

Tuesday, March 12th 

Sharik Peck “Understanding the Central Nervous System”

Wednesday, March 13th

Dr. Erik Reis “Understanding Headaches"

Thursday, March 14th

Dr. David Biberdorf “Understanding Vision After a Brain Injury”

Friday, March 15th

Elisabeth Wilson “A Brain Tumor Survivor’s Story of Hope”


Monday, March 18th

Dr. Jack Wolfson “Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain”

Tuesday, March 19th

Todd Pischedda “Getting Back to Normal”

Wednesday, March 20th 

Franck Assaban “Virtual Reality for Rehab”

Thursday, March 21st

Linda Wells & April Toivonen “Dating After Brain Injury”

Friday, March 22nd

Mark Parrish “A Retired NHL Player’s Perspective”


Monday, March 25th 

Dr. Molly Parker “Understanding Interdisciplinary Care After Concussion”

Tuesday, March 26th

Dean Foor “Full Spectrum Hemp Oil: How it’s Different From Other CBD Oils”

Wednesday, March 27th

Dr. Kassie Kaas “Brain Fog After Brain Injury”

Thursday, March 28th

Mike Harris “An NFL Player’s Recovery From an AVM”

Friday, March 29th

Dr. Jeremy Schmoe “Sleep Problems After Brain Injury”