A Tale of Two Doctors

Groves and Omidvar.jpg

Every Tuesday morning for the past 15 years, Dr. Groves (DC, Neurology) has accompanied Dr. Omidvar (MD, Neurology) at his clinic or on his rounds at the hospital. Dr. Groves is a practicing and highly regarded functional neurologist, a chiropractor specialization which focuses on optimizing brain function through the use of exercises to improve brain activity. Dr. Omidvar, a doctor of medicine specializing in neurology, kindly gave me permission to shadow him on a Tuesday in December and I was able to observe their collaboration. They joke and chat but their relationship runs deeper than that.

That morning, Dr. Omidvar saw his patients and asked them about their symptoms, medications, and their life. Then with their permission, he would invite Dr. Groves in to observe the appointment. Dr. Groves, in turn, would ask unobtrusive questions about the patient’s condition and treatment regime and help in the examination. For patients who could benefit from functional neurology, Dr. Groves would offer his knowledge and advice.

While their affiliation is not a direct consultation or partnership, their professional relationship establishes a bond that bridges two fields of healthcare which can differ widely in their approach and practices but share the patient’s health and wellbeing as their priority. It is in this sense that their relationship shines the most, as their attention and care for the patient is abundantly clear.

This sharing of information shows the advantage these collaborations and conversations can offer. From these conversations, Dr. Groves is able to implement better exercises for his patients and more knowledgeably teach other functional neurologists how to practice. Dr. Omidvar takes this knowledge of functional neurology and is able to better inform his patients about their treatment options and explain the importance of functional neurology. When asked about their relationship, Dr. Groves said that “patients really appreciate a medical neurologist thinking holistically about their well-being and seem to enjoy the benefit of having both types of practitioners working with them.

As you listen to and watch them, it is clear that both doctors enjoy their collaboration. Even 15 years on, they continue to learn from and guide each other in improving their quality of care - and show no signs of stopping now.

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