A Silent Epidemic

3.8 MILLION - concussions occur annually in the US.

ONLY 1 IN 6 concussions are diagnosed.

UP TO 30% develop post-concussion syndrome, with symptoms lasting months or years. Even fairly serious symptoms that affect daily life are not easily apparent to others.

JUST 15% - of those who go to the ER, only 15% follow up with a concussion specialist.

ON THEIR OWN  - Many don't see a doctor at all, and others go from one provider to another without success. Countless people end up struggling on their own.


WE ARE THE ONLY online resource to provide evidence-based information on both medical and alternative treatments.

WE PROVIDE SUPPORT - We are developing a program for college residential advisors, and we currently provide support to individuals via email and our Facebook group.

FOUNDED BY CONCUSSION PATIENTS AND FAMILIES - Concussion Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, part of the CascadiaNow! nonprofit family.